Introducing Terri

Hi, I'm Terri. I am very passionate, and seductive girl and show it in all I do. You will find me very easy to meet and talk to. You are welcome to share your inner most desires and fantasies with me and I will do all I can to bring them to reality. If we get along well enough I may even share some of my desires with you. Professional men who take great pride in their personal appearance really turn me on. I am a part time college student and adult model who is quite open minded and tons of fun to play with. I like to wear the most sexy clothes and will dress for you any way you like. We can always start with elegant then I can remove the top layers to reveal the private outfit that I have chosen just for you. I tend to get super busy so checking my availability in advance is always recommended. I will be loads of fun no matter what type of entertainment you want. Your Las Vegas adventure can't be complete without me.

Terri looks terrific in her purple bra and panties.