Benefits Of Hiring An Escort Rather Than Going To A Strip Club

What are the benefits of choosing our services? We love answering this particular question. First off, the benefits of choosing us come in many different categories. First off is value. Have you ever visited a strip club? If so, have you ever visited a Las Vegas strip club? It is not uncommon for a single guy to spend upwards of $3000 in a single visit to a gentleman's club in Vegas. Sure, it all looks easy and innocent enough at first. But strike up a conversation with a girl in any club and the meter starts running. Buy her a drink and it will cost you a fortune. Have her dance for you and it will run around $150 for 2 lap dances. Visit the VIP room and you may as well take out a second mortgage on your home. There are even a few clubs where the strippers are assigned female managers. These women act like accountants and follow you and your dancer around the club with a clip board. Their job is to keep a tally on everything you do and every dance you receive. If you are not aware of this it will seem as though this dancer has taken a liking to you and is performing for free. When in reality you are presented a bill when you are done. We have seen instances where a unknowing customer will be given a bill for thousands of dollars at the end of their visit. And disputing this or pleading ignorance will not get you off the hook. You will quickly be surrounded by huge bouncers who act like a collection agency. There was one occurrence we are aware of where a guy left his family in the hotel room and secretly wandered off to a nearby strip club. After his entertainment he was presented with a massive bill. After some argument he was forced to pay in full. Which happened to be the entire savings for his family's whole trip. He was literally left without a dime. And this was their first day of the trip to Vegas. So he had to return to the hotel and explain to his family why they were left without any funds for the vacation. Beware of these practices and choose the solid benefits of working with an established, reputable Las Vegas escort service instead.

Benefits Of Enjoying Safe Adult Entertainment At Your Location

There is nothing like having the party at your own home base. Safety and discretion are important factors. When you visit any adult club in Vegas at night, you are likely to be surrounded by shady people, dishonest women, and pimps. There are endless tales of unsuspecting guys being harassed in the men's room and outside the club. When you have professional escorts sent to your hotel room, you have the home field advantage. You are in charge of who enters and leaves. The safety rules you set are your own and not made up by some club attendant. And the secrecy and discretion you require is guaranteed. What you do in your room stays in your room. And our office assistants are right here to answer your calls to help with any concerns or problems. We are on your side and want you to be able to relax fully to enjoy the show.

Benefits Of Convenience

There is nothing like the convenience of having the party sent to your hotel room. After all, you probably paid a lot for it. Arranging to have your own personal strip club is just awesome! There are no distractions, or competition from other men trying to get the attention of the same girl. She is there for you, and no one else. Leaving you free to relax and enjoy 100% of the show.